Moving to Arizona

Arizona is a state with a big variation of surroundings. At first my family wasn’t happy about us moving there thinking it will be hot and boring to live without snow. Some life situations require relocation and sometimes you have to compromise although it is never easy to take that decision when the move involves […]

Moving with a moving company

Having a big family means having lots of responsibilities. Every family member has some activities and things to do every day. It is difficult to schedule anything around so many different schedules and sometimes impossible. You have to work with whatever little time you have and plan some alone time with each family member. Sometimes […]

Faults and flaws

Every family member has his flaws. Even if the rest of the family learned to live with them, they will always come out in stressful situations like moving to a different state. When my family moved there were moments when we wanted to kill each other, but my patience and persistence helped. The most important […]