Miami – How To Find Cheap Accommodations

Miami – How To Find Cheap Accommodations

If you are one of those who are trendy and fashionable, or a business travelr, Miami is a perfect spot. It offers you a lot of sunny beaches with water sports, famous attractions like Miami Seaquarium, and glamorous nightclubs, etc. You will never get bored in Miami.


This abundance in style even extends to the accommodations that you can find here, and may leave you wondering if you can find a decent hotel with easy access to all the action yet remains easy on your wallet. The answer is a resounding yes, as there are plenty of accommodations of every type and price range to suit different tastes and budgets, including the budget-conscious. All you need to do is conduct a little research and you will discover that for an affordable cost, there are many hotels that provide a value for money deal with exciting amenities, convenient locations and even freebies to complement your stay. Read on for more information about cheap Miami hotels, the best locations to stay in as well as where you can book them.


Cheaper accommodation options in Miami – value offerings at a lower cost

For a lower price compared to luxury hotels, the budget and mid-ranged hotels in Miami have a lot to offer when it comes to making sure that your stay in Miami will be a thoroughly hassle-free and enjoyable one. If you want to enjoy panoramic views of Miami’s iconic landscapes, such as the impressive cityscape in the downtown area or sandy white beaches in South Beach without having to splurge on a five-star hotel, the prime locations of many of these budget hotels will not disappoint. In addition, you can even find free breakfast and free airport transfers in some of these hotels, thus helping you to chalk up substantial savings. Sounds like a great deal? Yes it is, especially if you are on a tight budget and are saving up for a good time in the city. Below are brief descriptions of two of the most central and happening areas that you may choose to stay at – South Beach and downtown.


A variety of budget accommodations in dynamic South Beach

During the daytime at the famous Miami Beach, beach goers can be seen sun-tanning and engaging in a wide array of water sports, while at night, the whole area is transformed into party central as the numerous clubs and bars along the Beach come alive with energetic party-goers streaming in for a good time. Although this area is known as a glamorous and hence expensive place to be at, there are surprisingly a good number of budget hotels that provide you being the basic amenities yet afford you the convenience of being close to all the action, especially in South Beach. South Beach is known for its charming Art Deco architecture and that applies to the design of many of the cheap hotels in the area which may be relatively small but offer a unique atmosphere and warm hospitality. You may even find restaurants, gyms and even nightclubs in these hotels.


Budget hotels away from the hustle and bustle

If you prefer to be away from the hustle and bustle of the beach and downtown areas, you will get to enjoy even more cheap accommodation options near Miami International Airport, or in Fort Lauderdale, Hollywood and Coral Gables. If you are an avid shopper or golfer, Coral Gables may be the place for you with some of Miami’s best golf courses and shopping opportunities. It is not only a relatively peaceful retreat located off the busy sections of town, it also presents some budget accommodations options in the shopping district.


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