Cabin Plans – The Next Big Construction Trend in Tourist Accommodations

Cabin Plans – The Next Big Construction Trend in Tourist Accommodations

The north of Israel is well known for a variety of reasons including its position in international political discourse, housing one of the largest bodies of water in Israel, and its world famous wineries.

It has become a common destination for those traveling the middle east. Due to these tourist attractions, the North has developed a unique architectural model to accommodate frequent travelers called a Tzimmer. A Tzimmer is a small, wooden cabin.

Their cabin house plans generally include with one to two bedrooms, a kitchen, a bathroom, and a living space. The cabin plans for these Tzimmers are cost effective and create smart living spaces with limited room. They were originally engineered by local residents living on a large plots of land who were seeking additional sources of revenue from tourists or visitors. However, these small cabin plans have begun to spring up in other areas.

Many other neighborhoods in Israel have started to recognize the efficiency of the cabin floor plans and started to use them in less rural areas. Landowners in suburban areas now use these cabin plans to utilize their vacant lots and create cash flow with little investment.

Since the cabin house plans require cheap building material, they are a good option for landowners who want to build temporary structures on their land. The tenants are delighted with the rustic style of the cabin plans and the landlords can create income producing properties low construction costs.

Another advantage of the cabin plans is the homogeneity of the structures. The plans are also engineered in a way that allows the structures to be transferable. There is a large secondary market for these types of cabins where a homeowner can get a good discount on a full sized home and transport it where they please. 

These cabins plans are similar to those of pre-fabricated homes, another growing trend in home building. The structures can be manufactured according to the specific cabin plans at the factory creating savings through economies of scale and decreased labor costs.

Additional areas where small cabin plans could be successful would be near universities in rural areas. Students are accustomed to living in smaller spaces and would prefer a small intimate house over overcrowded dormitories.

It is also possible to build small communities using these cabin house plans that would be ideal for students. This strategy would benefit both the landowner and the developer as the landowner could sign a temporary land lease and the developer could build a significant amount of income producing housing a low cost.

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